Callus Eliminator Advance Formula + FREE BONUS Copper Foot File

What’s included:
1 x 16 oz Callus Advance Formula
1 x Copper Foot File
1 x FREE Copper Foot File Bonus Included With Every Order


This exclusive radiance-enhancing exfoliator activates skin revitalizing compounds infusing skin with advanced formulations of our exquisite Himalayan Gentian Extract, infusing potent concentrates that doubles skin's natural collagen building power. Enhance resurfacing benefits that simultaneously smooth, resurface, and renew skin offering rapid treatments maximizing skin’s radiance and overall complexion. 

Accelerate Fast Visible Repair


✓ Stimulating the production of new skin surface

✓ Improvement in uneven skin texture impurities

✓ Effectively exfoliate and diminish dead skin accumulation

✓ Stimulating the production of renewed skin surfaces

✓ Prevent further flareup of callus surfaces and appearance


Derive high concentrations of powerful antioxidants, our exclusive Vitamin C from Spirulina, our radiance sustaining actives that powerfully work together to exfoliates and renews your skin's surface. Infuse 5 times the level of potent ingredients to offering immediate and sustained benefits that replenish and seal in moisture, boost nourishment and harnesses restorative treatments with vitamin rich compounds to effectively diminish the appearance of callus overtime. 



Renew healthier-looking with this radiant skin complexion accelerating significant improvements that supports skin collagen stimulation to visibly softer, smoother, retextured appearance replenishing concentrated treatments that support skin’s natural ability for visible self-repair. 

How To Use Our Callus Advanced Eliminator

Recommended Usage

1. After pre soaking feet in warm water.

2.Apply a dime-sized amount onto affected area, it's all you need.

3.Allow the solution to sit for a minute. File away the layers of the callus gently.

4.Rinse your feet thoroughly with warm water.

Once Monthly

Can be used whenever you notice the build up of dead skin cells as the ultimate complement to your skincare routine.

We recommend using it every 4 week's after your initial application this timeframe will vary may be based on the individual .

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