Tired of pedicure tools and treatments that are ineffective and painful to use? Unlike 'promising' callus products on the market, Co Culture has brought a simple effective home solution that is guaranteed to give you salon results with very little time, with very little effort. Our game-changing callus and corn removing a system that has changed the beauty industry unlike any other product before. Getting rid of thick hard callus's is a tough task, and removing it yourself is a dangerous task on your own. Out with the dangerous razor blades & numerous gimmicks, as we have revolutionized the beauty industry with our simple yet effective removing system.
Proudly Made in the USA with premium quality ingredients, our callus remover is fast-acting and effective in treating the toughest of feet – you’ll see great results every time. No need to wait days or weeks to see a difference or over-spend at the spa – our unique treatment will having you loving your at-home results immediately. Results in minutes – no need to wait weeks for results like some other products/techniques. Our callus remover gel is more powerful than an exfoliator, lotion, scrub or cream and less expensive and easier to manage than an electric callus remover.