48W Professional Open Dome Smart Sensor Lamp

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Advanced Open Dome Technology Compatible with all applications. Including Hybrid Gels, UV Gel, Hard Gels, Builders, Sculpture, Acrylic Application, & Gel Polish Manicures ex: Base Coat, Top Coat, Color Gel, Marble, Foil Nail Gel, Gem Stone Gel etc.

Smart Sensor & Time Memory Function Smart sensor technology automatically detects motion to turn off and on anytime. Hands in, light on; hands out, light off. Variety of second options to choose from so you can control your results by the layer. Corresponds by the motion in 10/30/60/99 seconds variation without pressing any buttons.

Salon Performance Compatible for All End Users 36 pieces durable are made of premium Engineering ABS plastic, which is lightweight, durable with 50000hrs lifetime LED beads. 48W of power are evenly distributed inside uniformly curing gels evenly.

Open Dome Concept Detachable stainless steal alloy base for easy sanitization. Developed for wider services making curing easy for all types of application.

3X Faster Curing Speed your way through sets with three times faster. With 36 LED UV nano beads and 48W of high luminance and light efficiency achieve triple performance which cures gels with 1/3 of the time compared to traditional nail lamp. Dual optical wavelength (365nm+405nm).

Smart Painless Curing LOW HEAT MODE Dual power mode enhances protection by gradually curing for painless curing. Senses by sliding your motion. Enjoy results with comfort.

Actives-Packed Complexion Boosting Radiance
— Discover restorative solutions to smooth, resurface and renew complexion-boosting exfoliating treatments to quickly address severe dry, damaged skin texture to help smooth skin’s texture, improve radiance, and restore skin’s overall complexion resulting in fresher, healthier-looking skin. Accelerate nutrient-rich exfoliating concentrates to deliver up to 5 times the performance to heals, relieve, repair extremely dry, cracked feet to renew skin’s texture, tone and complexion leaving you with visibly smoother, healthier-softer feet.
Heals. Relieves. Repairs.
— Smooth, resurface, and renew skin’s texture to deliver up to 5 times the performance to infusing nutrient-rich exfoliants & ultra-moisturizing ingredients that stimulate healthy epidermis regeneration to help fortify the skin against the damaging effects of dry, damaged skin for a safe, professional at-home pedicure experience in just one use.