8 oz & 16 oz Callus Eliminator Advanced Repair System + FREE Callus Eliminator Advanced Repair Serum

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What’s included:
1 x 8 oz Callus Eliminator Advanced Repair System
1 x 16 oz Callus Eliminator Advanced Repair System
2 x Copper Metal Brass Foot File
1 x FREE 8 oz Callus Eliminator Advanced Repair Serum Included With Every Order
Actives-Packed Complexion Boosting Radiance
— Discover restorative solutions to smooth, resurface and renew complexion-boosting exfoliating treatments to quickly address severe dry, damaged skin texture to help smooth skin’s texture, improve radiance, and restore skin’s overall complexion resulting in fresher, healthier-looking skin. Accelerate nutrient-rich exfoliating concentrates to deliver up to 5 times the performance to heals, relieve, repair extremely dry, cracked feet to renew skin’s texture, tone and complexion leaving you with visibly smoother, healthier-softer feet.
Heals. Relieves. Repairs.
— Smooth, resurface, and renew skin’s texture to deliver up to 5 times the performance to infusing nutrient-rich exfoliants & ultra-moisturizing ingredients that stimulate healthy epidermis regeneration to help fortify the skin against the damaging effects of dry, damaged skin for a safe, professional at-home pedicure experience in just one use.