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Your nails are never perfect. You tried every salon near you and every technician hands over inconsistent results. Nothing is more irritating than a bad set of nails. Nail artists can’t meet your expectations so you might wanna rethink those endless nail kits since they look like you’ve expect. You tried numberless techniques as they have promised effortless extensions but to truly master the skill of creating impeccable results consists patience, time and practice.

Are you tired of imperfect, unskilled, and flawed nails? New sets need comprehensive foundations to accurately prepare results that further face durability and detail. With over 50 applications, proceed without practice, technique or training. A proper salon set has never been this simple. 

 Your challenges are over as we have created your short cut to salon results to which excels your skill set immensely. Instantly remove bumps, bubbles & blemishes and become a pro overnight. Hybrid Gel Tip’s are pre-sculpted and ready to go. Instantly add length, strength, shape without undertaking damage or undergoing other invasive products. 

Co Culture’s approach has transformed the beauty industry unlike any product before. Surpass salon creation and achieve an impressive salon solution that has altered beauty salon’s approach to their practice. Attain qualified success without compromising on quality or performance.

Lighter than acrylics, harder than gels. Hybrid Gel Extension’s are an excellent alternative to accomplish perfect sets every time. Complete identical shapes without adding extra bulk, uneveness and imperfection.  


Pre-Sculpted Gel Our patented pre-sculpted gel tips fill the entire sidewall of the nail ending with a natural C Curve at the free edge. We’ve constructed a thinner design impending the cuticle to blend seamlessly onto your nails. Symmetrically form a sculptured look with our pre-built apex directed slightly towards the centre for a dynamic view.

Professional Application Creating nail sets like a pro? It's easier than you thought. With our polish like application, add instant length, strength and shape taking your nail game to the next level. New sets effortlessly, results that last for weeks. See instant difference in length, strength and shape and simply  soak off to remove. Achieve professional results every time without compromising on quality.

10-Free Vegan/Cruelty Free Add character to your collection without negotiating your ethics.  Chemical free formula, no harsh adhesives, formaldehyde odourless & solvent free. Co Culture works without compromising the integrity your natural nails as our line is formulated free from reactive ingredients, animal byproducts and animal testing, making it one of the cleanest performance polish in the industry.

Damage Free Application Rock a new set in minutes. Simply soak off to remove or reapply, Hybrid Gel System’s removal is identical to soaking off gel manicures. Switch it up as often as you'd like. Show them off without committing or contributing destruction to your natural nails.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"Shocked how effective it is removing my disgustingly, dry, cracked feet. Callus Eliminator significantly removed thick, tough build up of cracked skin. This is my third time ordering and will continue to buy again."
— Courtney Dyer
Customer reviews
"Callus Eliminator works extremely on personal use as well as on clients. It safely removes severely stubborn dry, painful cracked callused effectively and fast! To say I am happy with this product is an understatement."
— Valerie Anderson
Customer reviews
"I absolutely hate hard heels, ugly feet in general. I get frequent pedis and even then, they crack and look horrible on the bottom. There is no difference with a professional pedicure. I will definitely buy again."
— Elli Scarborough
guaranteed results
guaranteed results
Hyper Oscillated Epidermis Synthesis Precision
— Relieve and restore precision oscillation sustained crack-free fast visible repair to treat, manage and prevent severely dry, congested crack resistant build up to help slowdown rate of the cell metabolism, prevent pre-existing decline of crack susceptible skin lipids and oxygenate cellular synthesis renewal to severely thick and coarse callused prone flare ups to healthy-softer skin with ease. Slow, halt and reverse vital repair to dry and cracked congested build up softening visibly smoother, healthier blemish free renewal to oscillate multivariate strip-less removal, Callus Eliminator Advanced Performance Serum, features a Triple-Acid Blend AHAs/BHA/PHA of purifying and actives packed charcoal plant based enzymes that works at the skins surface to combat, decongested and renew hyper activating oscillation skin care treatments to eradicate, obstruct, and refine extremely dry, built-up of cracked callused skin to future break outs at source. Target hyper precision solutions to soften and soothe skin’s moisture, prevent triggers that weakened epidermis barrier and restore skin sustaining crack-free fast repair to smooth skin texture, improve skin barrier for quick results on thick, tough, callused skin. Boost precision performance serums to restore sub-dermal collagen epidermis synthesis to treat, prevent, and reverse crack-free solutions to healthy-looking renewal for effortless fast results to perfect your skin's appearance year round.
Scientifically Proven Skin-Loving Active Ingredients
— We pay special attention to help create high-performance solutions to improve your skin’s radiance to advance optimal results for every unique skin condition. Free of parabens, phthalates and reactive ingredients, and go the distance, to ensure none of our ingredients are derived from animal products. We source some of nature’s most efficacious ingredients to help moisturize, nourish, and repair your skin’s healthy appearance so you can look and feel fantastic. No compromises.
Our Promise.
— Our guarantee is simple. If you are not fully satisfied, we will refund 100% of the purchase price. Please retain product and call 1-868-266-0081 or email info@coculture.com for replacement product or refund.We proudly stand behind every product we make. That's why all C°CULTURE products have a 100%, money-back guarantee.