Square Medium Hybrid Gel Tips

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Our patented pre-sculpted Hybrid Gel Tips fill the entire sidewall of the nail ending with a natural C Curve at the free edge. Symmetrically form a sculptured look with our pre-built apex directed slightly towards the centre for a dynamic view. We’ve constructed a thinner design impending the cuticle to blend seamlessly onto your nails. 

Hybrid Gel Extension’s are an excellent alternative to accomplish your short cut to salon results. Surpass salon creation and achieve an impressive salon solution every time. Rock a new set in minutes. Symmetrically form a sculptured look and add instant length, strength and shape. Take your nail game to the next level and switch it up as often as you'd like.


  • Style: Natural
  • Shape: Square
  • Length: Medium
  • Includes: 500pcs Hybrid Gel Tips 
  • Sizes: 10 sizes, 50pcs each size 

guaranteed results
guaranteed results
Hyper Oscillated Epidermis Synthesis Precision
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